Monday, 31 October 2016

Unannounced Hero Changes - Tasty Heroes - Ambush Spider nerf

There are some unannounced hero changes.

Following heroes lost their Tasty trait.

Plant Soul
Zombie Squire
Roller Warrior
Dark Dracul
Ninja Dwarf
Crimson Witch

and Ambush Spider got the Heavy Trait
(King Kaiju is melting the Spider now)

Theses both changes are a small nerf to the Ambush Spider.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Daily Work on Server 7!

Without runes and legendary skills on Server 7, there isn't much todo on Server 7, except my daily work. There is no possibility to progress my heroes, except of farming items and leveling.

Most activities in the game aren't very rewarding for me to progress.
I don't need most tokens (except Guild War Tokens for Pixie Queen and Fight Pit Tokens for Master Thief). Worst are the Guild Tokens, I already have 40k and most items I can buy I have already on stock.

Furthermore I have too much gold and can't do anything useful with it. I have 40 million gold and 67 million gold in ore. This makes Crypt and Expedition not very rewarding and I'm not really motivated to do, but I do it to get some items from insane mode.

In Elite Campaign I'm farming for 5 star heroes, Spikey Dragon (15 stones left), Rabid Dragon (154 stones left) and Bone Dragon (41 stones left). The rest of my Energy I use for  farming some Chapter 12 items. There I focus on my Tier 1 legendary skill heroes.

I hope we get runes and legendary skill soon and that they change enough to motivate me again.

In my next post I will spotlight a hero, but haven't finally decided which one.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Legendary Skill Tier List for Server 7

In alphabetical order.

Tier I 
must have, most important, focus on this heroes first

Tier II 
strong heroes, legendary skills are good, but not game changing

Tier II-
ok heroes or heroes with potential in future, some legendary skills are more difficult to get

Tier III
weak heroes in current state of the game, legendary skill won't change much

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

My blog inactivity

Hi dear readers,

in the last weeks I was very inactive in writing new Posts. The biggest reason for this is that I lost my enthusiasm to write, because we didnt get runes on Server 7.

Current situation on Server 7, max level 85, purple +4, no runes.

I hope we get runes with max lev 90 and with legendary skills. Now I'm doing my daily tasks in the game, there is nothing new todo and I level in moderate pace. In the next days I will update my hero tier list, because we got some new heroes and some heroes got some legendary skills, for which we should prepare (bone dragon).

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Server 7 Tier List for Future (Purple IV or Orange)

Following Tier List for Serve 7 is only a personal estimation from me. It also depends when we get runes. I made this list because it's not possible and reasonable to upgrade all heroes to maximum rarity and get all heroes to 5 stars. Therefore I use this list to set my priorities.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Items to farm for future with lev 70

If you reached lev 70 there are some items which you can will need for lev 70 or higher. I will give an overview how to get them and which important hero need them to upgrade to purple +2. (this hero list only contain my important heroes)

If there is enough time before next level cap increase, we will have a look which items we need for equiping our important heroes with purple +2.

If you still need a lot of lower items (>70), then farm these before)

There are 4 important items:

  • +27 Pocket Protector (lev 70)
  • Harold's Homemade Halberd (lev 70)
  • Sandwich of Unsurpassed Meatiness (lev 71)
  • Lavishly Adorned Rapier (lev 72)

+27 Pocket Protector (lev 70)
These item is needed by many heroes. (I still need 3 more for my most important heroes, in total I needed 10.)

Heroes (10):
Dark Horse, Spirit Wolf, Golden Genie, Moon Drake, Cyclops Shaman, Wild Satyr, Understudy, Cosmic Elf, Skeleton King, Orc Monk

+27 Pocket Protecto Scrool Scrap (50x)
Campaign Chapter 9

Framed Diploma (20x)
Molten Scar
Aurum Stage 3 Medium

Impractical Chestplate Scrap (5x)
Campaign Chapter 4

Harold's Homemade Halberd (lev70)
At lev 70 there is no need to farm this a lot because you don't need much and will get it in Molten Scar.

Heroes (2):
King Kaiju, Ninja Dwarf

Harold's Homemade halberd Scrap (50x)
Molten Scar
Campaign Chapter 9

Sandwich of Unsuprassed Meatiness (lev 71)
A few of your heroes will need this item with lev 71. Start to farm one for your savage cutie and maybe you get the others from shops.

Heroes (4):
Savage Cutie, Wild Satyr, Megataur, Snap Dragon

Meaty Sandwich Scroll Scrap (50x)
Campaign Chapter 9

Philter of Pure Testosterone Scrap (50x)
Dragon Deathmatch
Campaign Chapter 9

Raw Egg (1x)
Campaign Chapter 9

Lavishly Adorned Rapier (lev72)
You have time until lev 72, but you will need some of those. The advantage is that stone forest  and temple help you to get it for your most important heroes.

Heroes (6):
Crimson Witch, Bardbarian, Hydra, Unicorgi, Ninja Dwarf, Rot Beard

Boots made for Walking Scrap (50x)
Stone Forest
Campaign Chapter 9

Bunny Slippers Scrap (20x)
Campaign Chapter 8

Banjo of Dueling (1x)
Campaign Chapter 6

These are items you can also buy from Soulmart or Expedition Shop if you don't need tokens from it.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

What to buy in Soulmart?

You unlock the Soulmart with your first 5 Star Hero. For selling stones from a 5-Star hero you will get Soulmart Tokens. (1 stone = 100 soulmart tokens)

The Soulmart only reset 1 time daily. (Only with higher VIP you can reset it manually.)

Following pictures shows my jackpot from the Soulmart some days ago. I could buy a very important item twice.

I buy following items:
  • XP Decanter
  • Ore
  • Important Items like
27 Pocket Protector
Sandwich of Unsurpassed Meatiness
Lavishly Adorned Rapier
Adamantium Tiara

I buy regularly Stones in the Expedition Shop (because I have all 3 Heroes with 5 Stars) and sell them to get Soulmart Tokens.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Guild War Rewards

My weekly Guild War Rewards.
I failed one time with an attack and placed on first in my guild.

My rewards:

I didn't picked ore because in the moment I have enough gold.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Preparation for Runes and next level cap increase on Server 7

Current max level is 70 on Server 7 and we don't have runes now. I think with the next level cap increase they will also introduce runes on our server. Therefore I preparing.

I try to store
  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • XP Decanter

and following items, which you can get through contests, events,...

  • Free Stamina Items
  • Stamina Cost Reset
  • 2x Normal Campaign Drops
  • 2x Elite Campaign Drops

These items will give me a good start for leveling and farming runes!